Friday, 29 May 2015

Track of the Day: 'Atheist Money' by Adam Stafford

Although we've got to wait until October for Stafford's new album 'Taser Revolutions', the lovely people at So, by Toad Records have seen fit to bestow this taster track upon us. I loved the last album 'Imaginary Walls Collapse', and this sounds like it heralds another great record.

The deceptively gentle start is soon rudely interrupted by some abrasive electronic rhythms. As first Stafford's guitars and then his vocals come in the song starts to build to something rather epic. Melodies and harmonies soar, like Coldplay or U2 when they still had all the tunes but none of the pretension. This man knows how to write a tune, that's for sure, and if he keeps putting out belters like this he'll deserve the chance to play them on festival stages in the early evening sun.

Grab yourself a free download below.

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