Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Video of the Day: 'Block 9: Temporary Alternative Realities'

Continuing with the Glastonbury theme from earlier, here's a fantastic 30 minute film about the Block 9 late night area in the South East / Naughty Corner are of the site.

If you've never been to Glastonbury but think you know it from what's shown on TV then think again - imagine stumbling into this area at 1 in the morning and just seeing what you can find. If you ave been then you'll know how impressively constructed the area is, and what a great vibe you can find here.

Track of the Day: 'Love' (Kendrick Lamar cover) by Gengahr

Today is the hardest day of Coronavirus lockdown so far for me. By now I should already have my Glastonbury wristband on and be in Pylon Field setting up camp. The first two days would then be spent exploring the site, seeing what was new, and catching the smaller bands before the big stuff kicks off on Friday. Kendrick Lamar was due to headline Friday night and was definitely going to be in the pit for that one *sad face*.

By way of some slight compensation Gengahr have given us this great cover of Lamar's 'Love', which is great for listening too in the sunshine while trying to to cry too much.

Here's to Glastonbury 2021 - only 365 days to go!

Friday, 19 June 2020

Video of the Day: 'State Of The Union (STFU)' by Public Enemy feat. DJ Premier

Looks like Chuck D has made up with Flavor Flav. They're back together with some help from DJ Premier to deliver this coruscating attack on Trump and his Presidency.

"All we know is, Trump has gotta go..."

Let's hop this helps to achieve that aim, as well as signalling more new material from PE.