Friday, 1 May 2015

Recommended music: 'Urals' by Walls

The third (and sadly final) album from Walls, on their own Ecstatic Recordings label, is a beast of an electronic album. From the John Carpenter-esque title track, through the cyclical, spiralling 'Moon Eye' and on to the squelching, pulsing 'Altai' this is a record that explores all corners of the electronic multiverse. 'Voluta' has a krautrock feel to it, while 'Tongue Pad' provides a calm moment when it starts and is a modular feast in the James Holden mode. 'I Can't Give You Anything But Love' meanwhile is a swaggering, cocksure number full of 90s acid and 80s electronic drum beats. Album closer 'Radiance' is an end-of the-film, sunset-on-a-distant-planet kind of track that perfectly draws to a close this part of their career. With both members of the band having their own solo projects (Not Waving and Primitive World, and their label putting out the likes of Pye Corner Audio, we'll still hear plenty from them I'm sure.

If you can still track it down there's a limited edition on grey vinyl with a hand-numbered art insert (I got mine from Bleep). It's definitely one of the best electronic albums of the year so make sure you get a copy.

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