Thursday, 2 March 2017

Video of the Day: 'Aaja (feat. Ali Sethi)' by Swet Shop Boys

The new video from Swet Shop Boys tells the age-old tale of love from different sides of the tracks - in this case Flushing, Queens and Coney Island, Brooklyn. This song has an insanely catchy hook which will stick in your brain for days.

Coincidentally this video has been released on the day that Riz Ahmed gave a lecture on diversity to the UK Parliament.

Remix of the Day: 'Your Maker (Daddy G Remix)' by Gonjasufi

Having called Massive Attack 'one of the most influential groups of all time'. Gonjasufi was honoured to have Daddy G remix the opening track from his recent album 'Callus'. It's a great job too, making the track both more tuneful and more insistent, amping up the threat. You can listen to it below or click here for a free download.