Thursday, 31 January 2013

New music: 'I Hold Loneliness (We Have Band Remix) by Wave Machines

Hot on the heels of the release of Wave Machines' album 'Pollen' and beautifully timed to match the start of their UK tour comes this remix of 'I Hold Loneliness' by We Have Band. The remix doesn't do anything radically different to the song, just stretches it out, adds a few flourishes and some deeper bass, and generally makes it a more satisfying experience.

Track of the Day: 'Sun Blows Up Today' by The Flaming Lips

'The Terror', the next album by The Flaming Lips, will be released by Bella Union on April 1st and is, according to Wayne Coyne "a bleak and disturbing record".

Ahead of that comes this non-album track which will be out next week. Maybe it's a counterpoint to 'The Terror' because despite the apocalyptic title this is neither bleak nor disturbing. Vaguely reminscent of their 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' song this is punchy, upbeat and has exactly the right amount of squelchy synths noises and handclaps that a good record needs. Play it on repeat and it'll bring a huge smile to your face.

Recommended music: 'Urban Heat Island' by Night Works

The debut album from Gabriel Stebbing, formerly of Metronomy, shows the assurance and confidence of someone who knows exactly how they want their record to sound, and who's managed to hit the musical nail squarely on the head. Produced by his former bandmate Joseph Mount there are, unsurprisingly, a few echoes of their shared past in her, particularly on opener 'Boys Born In Confident Times'. From here though Stebbing evolves his own particularly sound, and although at times he seems to share the same 80s influences as acts such as Kindness and M83, there are other sources at work here as well. The bass lines have echoes of 70s Chic as well as 80s Paul Simon tracks like 'You Can Call Me Al', while 'Nathaniel' sounds like a long lost Prefab Sprout classic. Elsewhere there are hints of Steely Dan, even snatches of Prince and The Human League (I bet Night Works could make a killer covers album), but he never seems over-awed by the weight of his predecessors.  Instead Stebbing has created an entirely beguiling album that mixes craft and skill with a lightness of touch and an overall sense of enjoyment, resulting in a record that is more than equal to the sum of its parts.

The only disappointing thing about this album is that the version of last year's brilliant 'I Tried So Hard' isn't the full extended version that made me fall in love with this band in the first place, but you'll just have to go and hunt that down as well (you can listen to it below).

Even the rather incongruous rap on 'Share The Weather' doesn't spoil the party, sounding instead like a polite and well-mannered gatecrasher. I mentioned when I features 'Long Forgotten Boy' as Track of the Day a while ago that its guitars at the start somehow remind me of XTC (at the end they're much more of a Chic vibe), and I've now heard tones of Robert Wyatt in the vocals as well. Here's the Radio Edit of it:

'Urban Heat Island' is released on March 4th on Loose Lips Records.

New music: 'Everything Is Embarrassing (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)' by Sky Ferreira

Two of the hottest names around at the moment combine on this shimmery, summery track. You only have to hear the chorus once and it gets completely stuck in your brain. I guarantee you'll find yourself singing along.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Video of the Day: 'Generations' by Chrome Canyon

Last year's Chrome Canyon album 'Elemental Themes' was one of my favourite albums of 2012 (see my review here). The record is so cinematic you can almost imagine the 80s movie it could have accompanied. Now one of the tracks has its own suitably cinematic video, featuring ballerina Amanda Wells, which adds to the album's mystique.

Choice Cuts #3 2013

My third mix this year contains 13 tracks of (mostly) new music for you to run through your ears. Just press play above to listen, all of the track details are below so you can get hold of the songs that you like.

  1. Pulp - After You (new single, produced by James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem)
  2. Ohmegawatts - Give Me Peace (free download, details here)
  3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good At Being In Trouble (free download somewhere or other)
  4. Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Two Weeks (free download here)
  5. Gold Panda - Burnt-out Car In A Forest (from the new 'Trust' EP)
  6. Karen Gwyer - Tehe! Blah Blah! Shhhh! (from The Bedroom Club II, details here)
  7. Peaking Lights - Beautiful Son (Eskimo Twins Remix)  (free download here)
  8. Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe - Ghostgirl (KRTS RMX) (free download here)
  9. Dyymond of Durham - Hunger (from The Bedroom Club II, details here)
  10. Run DMT - Bardot States (Dreamwalker Version) (from the Stones Throw & Leaving Records dual compilation)
  11. Indians - Somewhere Else (from the new album, details here)
  12. Haiku Salut - Los Elefantes (free download here)
  13. Dan Friel - Thumper (free download here)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New music: 'Demon To Lean On' by Wavves

The first track from the new album 'Afraid Of Heights' which is out on March, this grunge-pop song is upbeat and sounds like the noughties never happened. Nathan Williams is definitely developing as both a singer and a songwriter and (whisper it) might even be growing up.

Recommended music: 'Summer In The Box Room' by Benjamin Shaw

First off, a bit about new label Glass Reservoir. Formed last year to examine the boundaries between electronic and acoustic music, they've challenged a series of artists to make recordings that must include both sound generated synthetically (computer, synthesizer etc.) and sound from the real world (instrumentation, field recording, samples).

The first fruit of this labour is 'Summer In The Box Room' by Benjamin Shaw, which will be released on 25th February, and which sets the bar high for those that will follow. From the first crackles of 'A Dramatic Title' the warmth and atmosphere of this record really draws you in. 'Trouble At Mill' is an eerie wave of bass synth and garbled vocals followed by some backward loops, which leads into the disturbing 'Onions In your Eyes' which for no apparent reason whatsoever made me think of Scandinavian vampire flick 'Let The Right One In'.

'Ms. Chlorphenamine' undercuts some wobbly guitar with the sound of electronic waves crashing onto a microchip beach. The track is bookended by 'Oh Jesus, Close The Curtains' and 'Oh Jesus, Shut The Blinds'. '...Curtains' is a beautifully sparse piano-driven piece which hums like the electric train wires on a wet morning, while '...Blinds' overlays some pensioners discussing the merits of black vs. white gym shoes onto another sparse piece of backing.

The only singing on the album comes on 'All Meithered, Me'. The guitar chords in this are warm and inviting, unlike Shaw's melancholic vocals and lyrics which, to summarise, invite the listener to piss off and leave him alone. 'Milk' closes the album in a suitably downcast style with some discordant sounds casting a gloom over a gentle guitar melody.

This is definitely an album that rewards solitariness - listen to it staring out the window of a train, or alone in a dimly lit room, and immerse yourself in the world that Shaw has created.

You can pre-order the lovingly handmade cd here but be quick - there are only 5 left!

Each track is accompanied by a video - these are being released one by one in the build up to the release date. You can watch a few below and I'll continue to add the rest as they are issued.

PS You should also check out Shaw's brilliant album 'There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet' here.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Track of the Day: '& It Was You (Elite Gymnastics Remix) by How To Dress Well

Fresh and dynamic, this remix turns the How To Dress Well track into the sort of R'n'B that I'd be happy to see clogging up the charts, rather than the derivative drivel that seems to fill the upper echelons most of the time.

The original version of the track can be found on last year's HTDW album 'Total Loss'.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

New Music: 'Beautiful Son (Eskimo Twins Remix)' by Peaking Lights

Wherein Eskimo Twins take the gentle loveliness of last year's 'Beautiful Son' and turn it into an early 90s Cafe Del Mar Ibiza-style smash. I must admit that I was slightly underwhelmed by the release of 'Lucifer' last year, but mixes like this, together with the excellent 'Lucifer In Dub' album that came out at the end of last year show that there really were some unpolished gems on the record that are now shining through. Have a listen and download it for free above.

New music: 'Love Is The Devil' by Dirty Beaches

Dirty Beaches has got not one but two new albums coming out this year on Zoo Music (on May 20th), which is cause for all discerning music lovers to be more than a bit excited. The first sound to appear from these records is the elegiac 'Love Is The Devil' - sombre but elegant, if you've got any reason in your life to get even slightly emotional then this will probably rip you apart.

New music: 'Two Weeks' by Scott & Charlene's Wedding

The latest release on Critical Heights comes from the brilliantly/stupidly (delete as appropriate) named Scott & Charlene's Wedding. The record is the work of Craig Dermody - born in Melbourne but now residing in New York, he manages to fuse the feel of Australian indie bands like The Go-Betweens with the slacker vibe of Wavves and Cloud Nothings to produce a melodic and lyrically charming record. "I'm old-fashioned just like my dad, I get awkward on video chat" is my favourite couplet on here and gives you a feel for what he's aiming at.

The 'Two Weeks' EP is released on March 11th on 10" & download.

Craig Dermody, Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Track of the Day: 'Ghostgirl (KRTS RMX) by Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe

Remixed from their excellent 'Kidsuke' album which was released last year via Project Mooncircle. Lebel mate KRTS brings in the beats and adds some bass to turn this ghost into more of a demon. The track is turned from a gentle, lilting tune into a heavy thriller that kinda makes you wonder what a whole album of 'Kidsuke' remixes would sound like - how about it Project Mooncircle?

You can listen to the whole of the original album below - make sure you do!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

New music: 'And' by Dauwd

Taken from an EP called 'Heat Division', which is due out on Ghostly in March, this track by Dauwd trip along nicely. It's upbeat without being smiley, a little bit enigmatic, and just about the right length. Looking forward to hearing more when the EP arrives!

Friday, 25 January 2013

New music: 'The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)' by The Haxan Cloak

Beautifully dark, scarily dense, engrossing and desolate, the first track to emerge from the forthcoming album 'Excavation' is an awesome slab of uncompromising music. If the whole album is as good as this then a top ten position in the end of year polls is assured.

The album is out on April 15th on Tri Angle Records.

New music: 'Blush EP' by The Cherry Wave

Some full-on fuzzed out shoegaze, for fans of the original scene or revivalists like Ringo Deathstarr. I don't know much about the band except that they come from Glasgow, there's four of them, and they describe themselves as 'Gazing at shoes to make music to gaze at shoes to' and the EP as soundin like 'crumbling red tenements being engulfed by a wave from the river Clyde'. The EP is available on Bandcamp on one of those 'name your own price' deals which, if you're a cheapskate, means you can get it for free.

New music: 'Give Me Peace' by Ohmegawatts

There's a Middle-Eastern feel to this instrumental hip-hop track, which is taken from the Tres Records 9th Anniversary compilation called, appropriately, 'Nueve'. The album features instrumental cuts from the likes of House Shoes, Blu, Giant Panda, Big Tone and more. It's pretty damn good and it's also pretty damn free to download - just click here for details.

Track of the Day: 'The Throw' by Jagwar Ma

I know I'm not the first to say it, but Jagwar Ma could well be massive by the summer. After last year's excellent 'Come Save Me' they're back with this track, which is even bigger and even better. Managing to combine 60s psychedelia with late 80s dance and a heavy dose of 'Screamadelica', even at just under 7 minutes long you wish it went further. The album can't come soon enough!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Video of the Day: 'Los Elefantes' by Haiku Salut

I've heard this played a lot on Gideon Coe's 6music show, so I tracked down the band's website where they've just posted this video. OK, so the first part of the track does sound a little bit like it will be soundtracking adverts for the next few years, but bear with it as there are some interesting blips and electronic bits going on as it progresses.

If you like the track you can download it for free below.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Track of the Day: 'Thumper' by Dan Friel

The first track to appear from Friel's début album on Thrill Jockey is this awesome slab of noise, rhythm and energy; fuzzed up, fucked up and powered up, it's impossible to sit still when you hear it. Listen or download it above.

The album 'Total Folklore' is released on February 19th - click here to order direct from the label and you'll also get the chance to win and hand-crafted music box that plays the melody to 'Thumper' over and over and over...

New music: 'Free (Billy mix)' by Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez is back with a new album 'Songs For Imaginative People', which is out on 11th February on Lucky Number Music. Ahead of that comes a single 'Free (The Editorial Me)' and this remix by William Brooks, which you can download for free above. The single comes out on February 4th.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New music: 'Pale Green Ghosts (No Ceremony Remix)' by John Grant

On John Grant's new album, due out on 11th March via Bella Union, he's ditched the assistance of Midlake and gone for a more electronic-tinged sound. From what I've heard of it so far the combination of his rich, sonorous voice with darkly-tinged keyboards works even better than the folk-tinged backing of 'Queen of Denmark'.

By way of an introduction to the album here's a remix of the title track. I particularly like the bit just after 2 minutes when the strings kick in and it sounds like the soundtrack to Wallander, The Killing or another Scandinavian programme - maybe the result of recording the songs in Iceland?

Track of the Day: 'Trust' by Gold Panda

Gold Panda presents Trust - Ghostly International

Heralding a year of action from Gold Panda, this EP will be out in March and will be followed by his second album. There's a definite progression from his first record 'Lucky Shiner' - the beats are smoother and it seems a bit more dancefloor orientated, but it's all good. Follow the link above to listen.

Choice Cuts #2 2013

Here's the second of this year's mixtapes, with loads more good music for you to listen to. The majority of the tracks on here are new out in 2013 (some haven't actually been released yet) so there should be some fresh sounds on here to wrap your ears round. Just press the play button above to listen, full details of the tracks can be found below.

  1. The Cyclist - Visions (from the new Stones Throw & Leaving Records dual compilation)
  2. Blackhouse - Lectrivunkin (free download from Mello Music Group)
  3. Everything Everything - Kemosabe (Post War Years Remix) (free download from somewhere)
  4. Eaux - Too Dark To Tell (from their 'i' EP)
  5. Dessa - Matches To Paper Dolls (free download here)
  6. Teleman - Cristina (new single out this week)
  7. Youth Lagoon - Dropla (free download here)
  8. Darkstar - Timeaway (from the forthcoming album 'News From Nowhere')
  9. Indians - Reality Sublime (from the forthcoming album 'Somewhere Else' - (details here)
  10. Bvdub - If I Had Been A Better Man (from the new album 'A Careful Ecstasy')
  11. Winter Son - Acid Rain (free download here)
  12. Benjamin Shaw - Milk (from the forthcoming album 'Summer In The Box Room')

Monday, 21 January 2013

Recommended music: 'The Bedroom Club II'

Having released the first Bedroom Club combination back in 2012, No Pain In Pop have now gathered a fresh collection of tracks for the second installment. My attention was drawn to this album when the track by Karen Gwyer appeared on Soundcloud (see my blog post here), but you couldn't really say that its a good indicator of the album as a whole, as the seven acts here have each done things in their own way (in their own bedrooms).

The album starts with 'Five to Three' by Ukkonen, where washes of keyboards soon give way to a dark bassline and a hypnotic rhythm. Next up is 'bd' by John Ola, a warm and melodic track which (whisper it) might even contain a real guitar. Buffalo Tides 'Madchen Amick' features a snatch of dialogue (I assume from the lady herself) over some glitchy beats.

'Reveal Secrets (The Processes)' by Beams is probably my least favourite of the tracks here - there are some interesting loops but the track never seems to go anywhere. Then it's the Karen Gwyer track, which as I said before builds up layers and layers of sound to create a hypnotic groove.

'Bantha Fodder' by Ornine doesn't sound particularly Star Wars-esque; instead it's a maze of noises, sounds and beats that's quite threatening and not at all the sort of thing I'd like to find in my bedroom. The album closes with 'Hunger' by Dyymond of Durham which is definitely one of my favourites - the keyboard reminds me a bit of the Twin Peaks riff, over which there's a host of snatched sounds and sampled vocals which combine to make a thoroughly satisfying concoction.

'The Bedroom Club II' is out on 28th January - you can order it here.

Track of the Day: 'Matches To Paper Dolls' by Dessa

If you've not heard Dessa before then you're in for a treat. A member of the Minneapolis-based Doomtree crew, who I first caught at the Gayngs showcase at SXSW a couple of years ago, she's not your average entertainer. With rapping talents that match her soulful singing and insightful lyrics, she could really be a force to be reckoned with when her new album comes out later this year.

In the meantime you can grab this track for free, which was recorded at the sessions for her last album 'Castor, The Twin' and which lays down a good marker for the quality of her forthcoming work. If you're a fan of THEESatisfaction or just quality, independent-minded hip-hop then you should give this a listen.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Track of the Day: 'Line Of Fire' by Junip

There's more than a hint of Simon & Garfunkel on this the title track from Junip's forthcoming album. The powerful arrangement elevates the track above your usual acoustic run of the mill fare, and although it doesn't sound at all contemporary there's a warmth and familiarity that will endear it to you.

The record will be out in the Spring in Europe (on City Slang) and North America (on Mute).

Saturday, 19 January 2013

New music: 'Strange Beast' by Lower Plenty

Having been released in their native Australian last year, Lower Plenty's debut album 'Hard Rubbish' will be getting a more widespread release this April. From it come this track, which you can download for free above. It's a slightly menacing acoustic number, with some atmospheric background noises - you can get a feel for the track just by the first line - "Loneliness is the greatest killer of them all".

Track of the Day: 'She Sleeps (Gang Gang Dance Remix) by FaltyDL

The original version of 'She Sleeps', featuring Ed Macfarlane from Friendly Fires on vocals, appears on FaltyDL's album 'Hardcourage' which is released on January 21st on Ninja Tune. It is also being released as a single in its own right on 11th February with the usual host of remixes - on this one Gang Gang Dance knock some of the sharper edges off the track and turn it into a slow-burning groover.

New music: 'Say' by Monokle

A suitably frosty electronic number from Russia's Monokle. The dark and moody bass underpins some squelchy keyboards, and you feel that the whole thing could build and build into a real banger until (sadly) it fades away all too quickly.

Friday, 18 January 2013

New music: 'Dropla' by Youth Lagoon

The second Youth Lagoon album 'Wondrous Bughouse' is due out on March 4th. To celebrate Trevor Powers has released this beautiful track onto the internet for you to download and enjoy. With its plaintive chorus of 'You'll never die, you'll never die', some Mercury Rev-esque vocals and great instrumentation it's a real ear-worm of a song.

Youth Lagoon - Wondrous Bughouse

Track of the Day: 'The Force' - Tokimonsta feat. Kool Keith

A change in sound for Jennifer Lee (Tokimonsta), and one which sadly hasn't been welcomed by some haters on the internet. They can go screw themselves because this is more than a bit good. Teaming up with Kool Keith she's made a track that would definitely have been at home on Mo' Wax back in the day - you can see why she states 'I'm a part of the Dr. Octagon generation'. This definitely bodes well for the new album, which is due out in the spring.

Video of the Day: 'Good Together' by Chapel Club

Londoners Chapel Club continue their switch to a synth-pop direction with their new single 'Good Together'. The colourful video, full of Rorschach blots and kaleidoscopic images, suits their new upbeat direction. If you like the track (or mabe if you don't) there's 35 minutes of remixes below that you can listen to as well.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

New band of the day: Blaenavon

Blaenavon (pronounced Bly-Nav-On) are 3 teenagers who hail from Hampshire, rather than their namesake small Welsh town. With none of them older than 17 it's a bit frightening how good they are - mature melodies and arrangements, interesting lyrics and not a cliché in sight.

Their first single 'Into The Night / Denim Patches' will be released on 11th March on Paradyse Records. You can listen to both tracks below (Denim Patches in my favourite) and order the single, which is limited to 250 copies, by clicking here.

Definitely a band to watch put for as 2013 progresses - you can catch them playing live at The Buffalo Bar in London on 21st February.

Video of the Day: 'Too Dark To Tell' by Eaux

Eaux are one of my favourite new bands at the moment, and they've just released this video for a track from their 'i' EP. Suitably obtuse for a track called 'To Dark To Tell', it's directed by Hans Lo and is really more of an art installation than a pop promo. Have a look and see what you think of it.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Video of the day: 'Thank God For Sinners' by Ty Segall

Taken from his excellent 2012 album 'Twins' (one of three album he released last year) this video starts of as possibly a celebration of the joys of the flesh. Things take a turn at the end however, and you might want to skip the last 10 seconds or so if you don't think you'll enjoy the sight of someone having their tongue riped out of their head. Enjoy!

New music: 'Guuurl' by Lapalux

Like all the best things in the world (!) Lapalux comes from Essex. Having spread his wings and signed a deal with Flying Lotus' label Brainfeeder, this is the first cut we have from his debut album 'Nostalchic', which is out in March. A heavily treated vocal sings ' I wanna make love to you' over a solid groove with a few glitches thrown in for good measure. Have a listen below.

New music: 'News From Nowhere' by Darkstar

The hotly-anticipated new album from Darkstar is now available to stream in full. And, in a move that will endear the band to those of you who long for the days when an album really was an album that was listened to in one go, you really do have to listen to this in full - there is no facility to skip through the tracks. so press play and immerse yourself in the new record, which is released on Warp on 4th February.

Track of the Day: 'My Number (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosars Remix) by Foals

The return of Foals to the musical fray has also tempted Orlando TEED back into the remix game. Over a great bass drum and percussion loop he build layers of sound mixed with vocal snatches, before dropping the hook from the song's chorus - "You don't have my number, and we don't need each other now". It's a really good ric, have a listen below.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tracks of the Day: '0181' by Four Tet

A week after all the David Bowie excitement Kieran Hebde  has surprised us all over again with the appearance of a new album, for now just called '0181'. Made up of tracks recorded between 1997 & 2001, some snatches and others fully formed songs, it's a great selection that certainly doesn't sound like off cuts. It'll be coming out on vinyl soon but for now you can hear it on Soundcloud and download it for free above.

Recommended music: 'Somewhere Else' by Indians

I first came across Indians last year when they were supporting Lower Dens at Hoxton Bar & Grill. It's rare for me to hear a band in that situation and immediately want to listen to their music again and again, but that's what happened on this occasion, and I dutifully queued up to buy the Magic Kids 7" from the merchandise stall.

A few months later the début album is with us, and it's brilliant. Although there are definite echoes of The Antlers on here, with occasional hints of Bon Iver (especially on 'I Am Haunted'), the record stands alone as a product of one man - Soren Lokke Juul - and his surroundings. Juul hails from Copenhagen, and maybe it's just me but Scandinavian bands always seems to have an organic feel to their music, like they are somehow incorporating the particular (sometimes brutal) elements of the natural world that surround them into their songs. Even his choice of location to film the Indians 4AD session (see below) reflects a desire to add the air and the sea to his band's performance.

The songs themselves are beautifully structured, mainly keyboard driven but with some guitar, especially on the aforementioned 'I Am Haunted' and the mostly accoustic 'Cakelakers'. The opening 2 tracks 'New' and 'Bird' are particularly Antlers-esque, while 'Magic Kids' starts gently and then builds a few layers of sound to smoothly drag you in. 'Reality Sublime' is one of my favourites, starting with simple synths and then adding an equally simple drumbeat to create a captivatingly warm sound. 'La Femme' and 'Melt' continue the gentle, sometimes fragile sound, with the latter's acoustic piano and keyboard bass being especially effective.

The title track wraps things up, and is probably the most powerful track here. Starting quietly, it works itself up, not into a crescendo, but rather into something stronger. The restraint shown hints at a massive force that is just under control but that could burst forth at any moment, like a suddenly swollen stream that is straining at its banks.

Overall this is a very accomplished first record that after a few listens brings a lovely warm familiarity. For someone who started this project just to challenge himself and satisfy a creative urge Juul is cearly very talented and I can imagine a queue of would-be collaborators forming to work with him.

'Somewhere Else' is out on January 28th on 4AD Records. You can watch the Indians live 4AD Session (filmed in my lovely home county of Essex) below to get an idea of their sound.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Video of the Day: 'Summer In The Box Room' by Benjamin Shaw

 Mr Shaw follows up his excellent 2011 release 'There's Alway Hope, There's Always Cabernet' with this recording for new label Glass Reservoir. The label is looking to release "a series of recordings which examine the boundaries between electronic and acoustic sound, specifying that each recording should include "sound generated synthetically...and sound from the real world". Benjamin's album will their first release, and it sounds intriguing, full of haunting piano and drones.

The track has also been posted to Glass Reservoir's Soundcloud, where it's called 'Oh Jesus, Close The Curtains' (see below) so apologies for any confusion over its name, but either way you should check it out.

Track of the Day: 'Tehe! Blah blah! Shhhh!' by Karen Gwyer

According to her record company No Pain In Pop, US-born Londoner Karen Gwyer makes 'slow burning and sexy "bath house"'. I'm not sure if houses needed another sub-genre, especially one so ridiculously named, but putting the labels aside this is a great track that slowly builds layers and layers of sound to create a hypnotic groove.

This track is taken from the forthcoming compilation on No Pain In Pop called 'The Bedroom Club II' which is out on January 28th - click here to order it.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Track of the Day: 'Past Tense' by Golden Grrrls

With their début album due out at the end of February, Glasgow's Golden Grrrls are ready to make a big impact. With great harmonies and an effortlessly lo-fi 80s indie sound they sound exactly like the sort of band that John Peel used to play back in that much-maligned decade. Have a listen to Past Tense below and then head over to Nightschool Records to order the album, which is available on limited clear vinyl or cd.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Track of the Day: 'Strange Fruit' by Virals

From the latest EP from Shaun Hencher (previously of Lovvers), 'Strange Fruit' sees him managing to combine The Ramones, The Dandy Warhols with occasional snatches of The Cure and Smashing Pumpkins in a power-pop burst of energy. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes it's got pretty much everything you'd want from a single - it fizzes and bounces all over the place, and hasn't forgotten that a good song needs a good tune, and a great one needs a few " oooh ooohs" thrown in as well.

The EP is out on Monday on Zoo Music Records - click here to preorder, and listen to the track below.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Choice Cuts #1 2013

For the new year I thought I'd mix up my new music mixtapes a bit, so this year you can expect to get a wider range of music genres. And while they'll still be mostly new music, there'll be the odd track here and there that I might have just discovered (or rediscovered). Basically they'll be a pretty good reflection of what I'm listening to the most right now. So this week alongside the new stuff there's a classic track from Neu!, a band I heard for the first time only a few months ago, but whose influences I can spot in a lot of the music I like, not least the Beak> track that precedes them on this mixtape.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new format, let me know if you've got any feedback or want any more information on any of the tracks. Press on the play button above to listen, here's the listing:

  1. Kyle Bent - Intro
  2. Eaux - I
  3. The xx - Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)
  4. Ultraista - Static Light (iO Remix)
  5. Karriem Riggins - Matador Posse Cut
  6. Purp LEX - Funky Piano
  7. Substantial - Movin Alright (feat yU)
  8. Kyle Bent - New Aquarian Age
  9. Foxygen - Make It Known
  10. Beak> - Mono
  11. Neu! - Hallo Gallo

Track of the Day: 'Static Light (iO Remix) by Ultraísta

The remixes from the Ultraísta album keep coming thick and fast. This time Static Light gets the treatment from Londoners iO Sounds, who dirty the track up a bit, speed it up a bit, and make something that's much more club friendly. Listen and download below.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Track of the Day: 'Quiet Street' by Milagres

While Milagres are off crafting their new album, they've kindly left us with this off-cut from 'Glowing Mouth'. Easily good enough to have been on the album, it's a moody number, with lines like "I should've killed everything that stood in my path", that reminds me a bit of Doves in places. You can grab it for free below.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Track of the Day: 'Fighting is Futile (Benoit & Sergio Remix) by Matthew Dear

The third single from Ghostly International founder and all-round genius Matthew Dear is released at the end of the month, and comes with a host of remixes. In this version labelmates Benoit & Sergio speed the track up a bit, throw in some Hercules & Love Affair-type grooves, treat the vocals to some spaced out effects, and produce a killer track in the process. Have a listen below, and click here for more details on the release.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Track of the Day: 'Make It Known' by Foxygen

Los Angeles duo Foxygen are hotly tipped for 2013, and from this offering it's easy to see why. With strong touches of Mick Jagger and maybe a hint of a less gloomy Bad Seeds, this is a 60s-tinged track that will get your toes tapping. I'm not sure if they're the future of rock'n'roll or just a new version of the past - have a listen below and see what you think.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Track of the Day: 'Long Forgotten Boy' by Night Works

'I Tried So Hard' by Night Works was one of my favourite tracks from last year, so I'm really looking forward to their album 'Urban Heat Island', which is out on March 4th. This cut from the album, produced by Joe Mount from Metronomy (who Night Works main man Gabriel Stebbing used to play for), provides a taste of what's to come, and it definitely sounds promising. For some reason the guitar reminds me a bit of XTC, and there are hints of Mount's Metronomy in there as well, and over all this is an assured, slightly 80s-tinged, melancholic pop song. Have a listen below.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Video of the Day: 'We No Who U R' by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The legendary Nick Cave returns with the first track from his new album 'Push The Sky Away' which is released in Frebruary. A bit more restrained than some of his more recent stuff, this has some interesting production on it, giving the track a haunting feel, which the flute at the end adds to. Watch the video below.

Track of the Day: 'Fall Back' by Factory Floor

2013 is shaping up to be the year that Factory Floor make good on their musical promise and become massively successful. With a new album due on DFA Records, this new track will be out on January 15th, and features a trademark incessant backing track, with spoken vocals and some acid-tinged electronics. It's pretty awesome, and it gets better the louder you play it, so click on the play button below and turn it up loud!