Sunday, 14 January 2018

Track of the Day: 'Die Dimension' by Perel

New signing to DFA Records Annegret Fiedler, aka Perel, comes to us from the Berlin club scene, where she works both as a DJ and producer. Her first release for the label is this stonking slice of German electronica, which brings to mind Moroder, Metropolis and many more wonderful things. The spoken word vocal is so atmospheric it immediately transports you to mid-80s Berlin before the fall of the wall, with the collar of your long black coat turned up and your eyeliner thick and dark.

There are some great remixes of the track around too so make sure you check them out, and watch out for more great releases from her in the coming months.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

New Band of the Day: Sports Team

Having formed while they all studied at Cambridge University, Sports Team are now holed up in Harlesden, North London, where they're honing their particular mix of melody, mixed-tempo tunes and cutting, cynical lyrics (example: "where builders I don't like make flats for twats in Canary Wharf'").

Their debut EP 'Winter Nets' will be out on Nice Swam Records imminently - have a listen to two tracks from it, 'Beverly Rose' and 'Stanton', below.