Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Recommended music: 'Roniia' by Roniia

Another outstandingly original band from Minneapolis brought to you by the always-reliable Totally Gross National Product. And as is often the case in what seems to be an ever shifting scene, Roniia is made up of musicians from other bands, in this case singer Nona Marie Invie (Dark Dark Dark, FUGITIVE) with Mark McGee (Marijuana Deathsquads, Father You See Queen) and Fletcher Barnhill (Joint Custody, FUGITIVE).Together the trio combine over these 7 tracks to create 42 minutes of dark and gothic electronic based. Totally absorbing, Invie's voice invites you into a world of brooding tracks, like torch songs re-imagined for the 21st century. Meanwhile the mesmerising bass drum hits you with such a force that you wonder how they've created such a sound as it drills through your brain.

My favourite couple of tracks on here are probably 'Bellz' and 'Mirror', but everything on here is so great that I love it more each time I play it (in fact I love it so much that I've just shelled out to ship the vinyl over to the UK from MPLS for muchos $$$).

First great album of 2015 without a doubt.

You can listen to the whole album below, and then make sure you go out and buy it.

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