Saturday, 3 January 2015

Recommended music: 'Erased Tapes Collection VI'

Another great compilation from the Erased Tapes label summing up their brilliant 2014.

If you've already bought something from them then you might have been sent the link to download this for free. If not you can head to and enter the code MY-FREE-ERATP060 to get yourself a copy. It's well worth it and really shows off the quality of the releases that they've put out. Here's the tracklist:
  1. Lubomyr Melnyk - Pocket of Light (excerpt)
  2. Peter Broderick - A Snowflake
  3. Rival Consoles - Odyssey
  4. Douglas Dare - Swim
  5. Nils Frahm - You
  6. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos VI
  7. Kiasmos - Burnt
  8. Greg Gives Peter Space - That I Am
  9. Michael Price - A Bridge
  10. Nils Frahm - Hammers
  11. Nils Frahm - Peter (Clark Remix)

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