Friday, 30 January 2015

Austerity Audio 2015.1

Time caught up with me a bit towards the end of last year and I didn't always get round to posting the Austerity Audio mixtapes / podcasts / whatever you want to call them. But 2015 is here and we're BACK! I hereby promise to post at least one of these a month to keep you supplied with the best in new music.

Anyway, the rules haven't changed, but if you're new to this then here's what we do. I gather together the best in free (legal) downloads and put them all together in on handy mixtape for you. You download said mixtape (by right-clicking on the picture above) and listen to ten of the best new tracks. Then, if there's something you really like, you gather together a few pence / cents and buy a track or two from that artist, so they can afford to keep making lovely music for us. Everybody wins! There's no music snobbery and no specific genres here - if it's good it goes into the mix. Here's the tracklist for this one:

  1. Siskiyou - Deserter
  2. Crash Island - Time To Move On
  3. Sam Duckworth - 1989
  4. Closer - XYMBOL 01
  5. Red Pill - All Of Us (prob. by Apollo Brown)
  6. Joey Bada$$ - Born Day (AquariUS)
  7. Option Command - Burst
  8. Aphex Twin - Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]
  9. Matt Emery - Effervescent
  10. Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love - Stop Spinning The Birdcage

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