Saturday, 17 January 2015

Recommended music: 'Ghost Culture' by Ghost Culture

Ghost Culture - Ghost Culture LP [PHLP 04]

This fantastic début from James Greenwood sees the former bedroom-based wunderkind break out into the world with bang. Covering the full gamut of electronica, from downbeat tripped out to high tempo house, his songs are skilfully constructed in a way that makes them instantly accessible despite their depths and layers. As a result the more you  listen to it the more the layers open up  and you get to see the skill that's gone into creating the tracks. The references and influences are widespread, from Kraftwerk (most notably on 'Glass') through 90s acts like The Beloved and Frazier Chorus and on to more recent stuff like East India Youth.

Throughout the record there are some great, almost poppy melodies and he manages to achieve a warmth and tone that stops the chill that some electronic records bring. I'm not sure how he intends to perform it live but I reckon it would sound great if he did it with a small band (like Caribou) - I can see the songs really interacting well with a live crowd.

Ghost Culture is out now on Phantasy and is already on the list of contenders for début album of 2015.

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