Sunday, 2 February 2014

Recommended music: 'Greatest It's' by Yong Yong

For their second album Portugese duo Yong Yong have relocated to Glasgow, with interesting results. Swapping the sunshine of Lisbon for Scotland's biggest city has produced a more focused, structured sound that sometimes even strays onto the dancefloor. Sure, there are still woozy, eerie atmospherics and crackly ambience, and bits were you think you've got a duff copy of the record 'cos the sound keeps breaking up, but overall this set hangs together much better than their début album 'Love'.

There are a couple of points on the record that remind me of The KLF's ambient classic 'Chill Out', but to counterbalance that there's disembodied rapping (on 'Sesamstraat'), crunching beats ('Maca Lu-Lu) and spoken-word extracts (The Valley). If you listen to it all the way through in one go (which you should) this is a record that envelops you, packs you up and takes you to its own private universe, full of dark corners and fog, but occasionally shot through with flashes of sunlight.

'Greatest It's' is out now on the ever-interesting Night School Records, from whom you can order you vinyl copy here. Listen to the whole album below.

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