Thursday, 13 September 2012

Track of the Day: 'Luther (Holy Strays Reshape)' by Eaux

Morning Ritual Recording have released 2 of my favourite tracks so far this year: 'No More Power' by Eaux and 'Christabel B' by Holy Strays. To go with those we now have a track by the former remixed by the latter. Here Sebastien Forrester (aka Holy Strays) takes 'Luther' and (IMHO) radically improves it, resulting in something that, certainly when it starts, sounds like something that wouldn't be amiss on a latter-day Radiohead or Thom Yorke album. The slow-burning groove and haunting warmth of the original is replaced by skittery beats and a clinical precision that brings out a totally different character to the song.

You can listen to the track and download it for free above.

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