Friday, 14 September 2012

Recommended music: 'Out of Time - Out of Touch' by Group Rhoda

Not a group at all, but a solo work by San Franciscan Mara Barenbaum, this intriguing debut album ha smuch more to offer than might at first meet the eye. The basic drum machines and simple basslines are a gateway into a world that owes as much to seventies film soundtracks as it does to Californian dubbed-out stoner vibes. Think Peaking Lights meets John Carpenter and you'll have an idea of the musical vibe. Throw in a hint of East German coldness and some reverb'ed organ and you'll be about there.

Over the top of the tracks floats Mara's distinctive vocals - often sounding aloof and detached from the music, they somehow compliment the overall feel by sounding slightly out of place, as if she was just passing through on her way to another life.

The album is out now on one of my favourite indie labels, Nightschool Records - buy it from them here.

You can listen to a clutch of tracks from the album below.

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