Thursday, 19 December 2013

New music: 'Know EP' by Love Cult

This new EP from the Russian duo sees them developing and refining their sound, moving away from spacious drones towards a more beat focussed sound. Whilst opener 'Mise En Abyme' comes on like a synth-gothic horror story, second track 'My Boy' is a much sparser garage affair, topped off with swirling, ethereal vocals. Have a listen to that one here:

'Lust Undone' is a rattling, machine-gunning repetitive groove which sounds like the machines have taken over and have started a revolution. It gives way to closer 'It's True', which is probably the most commercial track on the release. Deep, throbbing bass is counterpointed by spoken, distressed vocals and random bursts of firepower.

The Know EP will be released on vinyl on 13th January 2014 by Night School Records, limited to 300 copies.

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