Thursday, 19 February 2015

Track of the Day: 'Go Out' by Blur

So in the space of a few hours Blur have announced a new album (The Magic Whip), a gig in Hyde Park on June 20th, and the first new fruits of their labours, 'Go Out'. The first thing to note is that it sounds nothing like Albarn's melancholy and autobiographical solo album from last year 'Everyday Robots'. It's kind of refreshing to hear a dumbed-down Damon on a bog-standard Blur track. Although it's driven by a blinding Coxon guitar line there's nothing particularly special about the track - it's not as good as their one-off releases 'Fools Day' or 'Under The Westway' - there's a daft joy to it which allows us to revel in the fact that they're back together, while at the same time hoping that there's something a bit more substantial on the album.

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