Friday, 17 August 2012

Live - in pictures & video: Lower Dens / Indians at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London 16/8/12

My first visit to the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (which turns out to be a great venue btw) for my second Lower Dens gig this year.
Indians (from Denmark, in London)
First up were a band called Indians, from Copenhagen in Denmark. With three keyboards and no drummer they've got a really interesting sound. The vocals were great, with hints of Fleet Foxes, which soared over the layers of keyboards. They've only had one single out so far (which I bought on white vinyl from the band after the gig) but they're definitely worth keeping an eye out for in the future.

Indians onstage in Hoxton
Lower Dens were on even better form than when I saw them back in May. With the band spread across the stage, and Jana no longer taking centre stage, they rolled their way through tracks from Nootropics and older ones as well.

Lower Dens onstage last night
'Brains' was a highlight as always, but there wasn't a duff song all evening. Here's some footage of 'Propagation':

It might just have been the sound system, but the guitars sounded noticeably beefier than at The Lexington, giving a real shimmer to some of the songs. Only 4 months to go until I see them again at the ATP Nightmare Before Christmas!

Lower Dens

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