Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Track of the Day: 'Raw Exit' by POLIÇA

As Poliça develop as a band they get more and more interesting, at least to me. This probably has a lot to do with them playing and writing together, although I also think they're influenced by the time they've spent playing and touring with Marijuana Deathsquads, the band that's been described as Poliça's older, dirtier brother. This new track features on a new 'Deluxe' edition of their album 'Shulamith', and will also come out on a 4-track 10" vinyl EP with 3 more new tracks, including their cover of Lesley Gore's 'You Don't Know Me'. Featuring heavily treated vocals and a pretty funky bassline, the (possibly aggressive) lyrics want to know "Who's ready to die alone?"

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