Thursday, 15 May 2014

Track of the Day: 'everything is a lie and everyone is completely full of shit' by default genders

OK, so I'll admit that it was the title that first drew me to this track, since it's a fairly unequivocal statement that seems designed to either provoke discussion or put an end to it, depending on where you stand on the statement. But dive into the record and you'll find a really interesting track that somehow manages to combine banging '80s dance drums with low down in the mix dreamy vocals and some angst-ridden lyrics (which I've posted below).

default genders is apparently 'an art project by James Brooks' (which probably explains why everything is written in lower case). Whether it's art or music it's pretty intriguing stuff. I think he'll be putting out some more stuff later in the year so watch out for it.

like i care if i can never own a home
what's the point if i have to live in it alone?
like i care about the mess I'd leave behind
I've been so fucking careful my whole life

just this one time i will leave
and not spend most of the night worrying
about how i am going to get home

just this one time i will be
someone you want to take out to things
and not who you take everything out on

like i care what other places i could go
i'm not even curious to know
like i'm scared about the likelihood of pain
pain has been like family to me

just this one time i will leave
and not spend all day at work wondering
if you will still be there when i get home

so just this one time can you please
act like you would run away with me
and not like i'm the thing you're running from?

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