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Live review - in pictures: 30 years of Fire Records with Scott & Charlene's Wedding, Keel Her, Fawns Spots and Scraps at The Lexington, London 16/5/2014

Set times for the Fire Records 30th Birthday bash 16/5/14
This was bit of a musical smorgasbord, both in terms of genre and quality, but overall it was a great opportunity to celebrate a great record label. Opener for the evening was Scraps, who walks the tightrope between endearingly mad and annoyingly mad, spending about equal amounts of time in both camps. She pretty much redeemed herself with a sing-along version of the theme to 'Home & Away' to close her set though.

Scraps live in London 16/5/14
You'll notice the cameraman in the corner of the shot above -  the whole thing was being broadcast live on the internet via a new site called Living Indie TV - they'll be putting it back online soon so you can watch it back (it will become apparent as this review progresses which bits are actually worth watching). Next up were Fawn Spots, who make a joyful if not particularly original noise. If punchy, shouty, bouncy post-punk-pop songs are your thing then they'll be your thing too.

Fawn Spots live at The Lexingtom 16/5/14
One off the top of the bill were Keel Her, one of those bands who I want to like when I read a description of them but who I'm not so keen on when I actually hear them. And whilst being 'ramshackle' is something you can occasionally get away with, they definitely fell more into the 'woefully under-rehearsed' pigeonhole I'm afraid.

Keel Her
And so to our headliners Scott & Charlene's Wedding (SACW). From Australia via New York to London, I can honestly say that Craig Dermody is the best new 'proper' frontman I've seen in a band for a long time. Engagingly warm and energetically electrifying, he holds your attention from the first chord of the first song. If you're not familiar with the SACW sound, try to imagine The Velvet Underground fronted by Evan Dando and you'll be somewhere in the right ball park.

Craig Dermody onstage with his band at The Lexington 16/5/14
From singing a love song to one of Fawn Spots, to dancing in the audience with the boss of Fire Records, to closing their set with a Go-Betweens cover,  Dermody and his band were a blast from start to finish. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next time they play in London, and if they pass by your town you should make sure you check them out too.

Scott & Charlene's Wedding in London 16/5/14

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