Thursday, 29 May 2014

Remix of the Day: 'Feel (UNKLE Reconstruction)' by Bombay Bicycle Club

Unbelievably this is the fourth UNKLE remix to have appeared in almost as many weeks - James Lavelle is certainly doing his bit to publicise his curation of the Meltdown Festival at the Southbank Centre, which kicks off with an appearance by UNKLE themselves on 13th June. I really like this mix, despite the fact that it almost completely does away with the bit of the song which first drew me to the original version of the track. There's a brief appearance of that Eastern motif a few minutes before the end, but apart from that it sound very much like an UNKLE track with a guest vocalist rather than the Bombay Bicycle Club single.

You can download the track for free at the moment but be quick because it's only around for a limited time.

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