Friday, 18 July 2014

New podcast: Austerity Audio vol. 19

It's that time again, time for you to get your free music fix as I serve up 10 of the best legally downloadable tracks around

This time round it's a pretty upbeat and summery vibe to go with the hottest day of the year (in the UK at least) so grab yourself a download (just right-click on the picture above), pour yourself a cold one, and relax. And if you really like anything you hear then why not spend a few pence / cents and buy one or two tracks from that artist?  Every little helps as someone once said. Here's the tracklisting:

  1. Peter Matthew Bauer - Philadelphia Raga
  2. Dum Dum Girls - Under These Hands
  3. Rollo Jean - I'm Not Real
  4. Moreno Veloso - Em Todo Lugar
  5. Fouma System - Avertissement
  6. The Deli - The Vibes
  7. Tokimonsta - Realla (feat. Anderson Paak)
  8. Bipolar Sunshine - Deckchairs On The Moon (Just Kiddin Remix)
  9. Foster The People - Best Friend (A-Trak & gLAdiator Remix)
  10. Death Grips - Big Dipper

Remix of the Day: 'Fame (Factory Floor Dub Mix)' by The Acid

Here at Cull towers we love a good Factory Floor remix (possibly even more than we love FF's own tracks). So when you put them together with the makers of one of the best albums of the year the results are guaranteed to satisfy. As is usual with these mixes you might have to work harder to recognise much from the original, but as the track progresses there's a noticeable melody and vocal hook, albeit speeded up. Turn it up loud and it definitely does the job.

Track of the Day: 'Seats' by Funktionslust

A brand new act for you today, but they're miminal and mysterious. So what can I tell you about them? They're a duo, they're from New Cross...and that's it. The tracks's great though - what I particularly like about it is how it starts off all cold and minimal, and then they gradually decide to throw the kitchen sink at it as it goes on.

Personally I think that all this mysteriousness is getting a bit old hat, so I hope that when they come back with their next track we find out a bit more about them.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Things that remind me of other things #1: 'Busy Earnin'' by Jungle & 'You Can't Hide' by LCD Soundsystem

I've been listening to Busy Earnin' for a while now and in the back of my mind there was a nagging feeling that it felt like something else. It finally clicked today while I was playing the song (really loudly) in the sunshine. They're not identical but I reckon the vibe's pretty similar. If you're not familiar with the LCD Soundsystem track it was on the '45:33' album that they made for Nike. This version's taken from their fantastic farewell concert at Madison Square Gardens:

The Jungle track comes from their eponomyously-titled debut album, which came out this week:

Compare and contrast - what do you think?

Remix of the Day: 'Deckchairs On The Moon (Just Kiddin Remix)' by Bipolar Sunshine

Out next week as a single, 'Deckchairs on the Moon' comes with a couple of remixes including this one by Just Kiddin. It's pretty much all you'd need to soundtrack your BBQ or beach party (it'd work on the dancefloor as well obviously, but it's too damm hot to be inside today).

I'll admit to not knowing much about Bipolar Sunshine up to this point but I'm definitely going to go and check him out as I like his relaxed vocals and general laid-back soul vibe. You can listen to the track and download it for free below.

Track of the Day: 'Realla (feat. Anderson Paak)' by Tokimonsta

The first track from Tokimonsta's up and coming mini-album 'Desiderium' is a powerfully slow-paced track. Paak's vocals are crisp and clean (he sounds quite a bit like Frank Ocean to my ears) and the musical backing matches that crispness. Sparse but effective, the keyboards and percussion give the vocals room to breath, while the trumpet stabs (which will definitely put you in mind of Kanye's 'All Of The Lights') give the track a bit of grandeur.

You can get the track on one of those 'pay what you like' deals from Bandcamp via the player below - it's well worth a few cents.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Track of the Day: 'Honey Cats' by Paul White

Regular readers will know that Paul White often makes an appearance in these pages, both for his own work and as a producer for the likes of Danny Brown and Homeboy Sandman. With a new album 'Shaker Notes' on the way on September 29th you might be expecting more of the same, maybe something frantic like 'Watch the Ants' or some lot-fi hip-hop with a new guest rapper. You might be expecting that, but you'd be wrong.

Out go the rappers, out go the majority of the samples, and we're left with something which as a result gives a much more personal take on what makes White tick. There's a swampy, murky, David Lynch-esque feel to the track, and as the sounds layer up - guitar, then crunchy percussion, and finally White's fragile voice - you're transported to some dark Delta waterfront where dodgy deals are done as ladies of the night linger in the lamplight. The saxophone that appears towards the end perfectly completes the moody atmosphere perfectly as the track slinks off into the night.