Saturday, 10 May 2014

Recommended music: 'Bleep: 10' by Various Artists

This is released to mark 10 years of Warp Records' online music store Bleep, which pretty much coincided with the birth of downloads themselves. The 14 tracks on here are all new for this release and properly reflect the ethos of Bleep, whether they're artists actually on Warp or thise that have sold well through the store. The album mostly stays at the more accessible end of electronica, and even the Autechre track isn't one of his most impenetrable ones. If you forced me to pick a couple of standout tracks I'd have to go for Modeselektor's 'I'm Not Into Twerk, I'm Into KrafTwerk', and not just for its brilliant title (listen to that here) and album closer 'Vanish North' by Nathan Fake, but really you'd be hard pushed to find a duff track on here.

I bought my copy on vinyl a couple of weeks ago at the Barbican gig to celebrate Bleep's birthday (review here), although I guess if you want to keep in the spirit of it you could always get it on download.

You can listen to four of the tracks from the album below ad order it directly from Bleep (obviously!) here.

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