Saturday, 13 April 2013

Recommended music: 'Elemental Themes Remixes' by Chrome Canyon

Regular readers of this blog or my twitter feed will know how much I loved last year's Chrome Canyon album 'Elemental Themes' (you can read my review here). It's a record that I probably would never have heard without the Stones Throw subscription service, so I'll be eternally grateful to them for sending it through.

Now, less than a year later, there's a set of remixes of 5 tracks from the album which breathe new life into it and take the music in some different directions. Probably my favourite of all is the track that opens the album, Gavin Russom's remix of 'Branches' but really, there's not a duff version on here. From Airbird's vocal version of Branches through to Peaking Lights' closer, a great version of 'Chasing The Dead', each remixer brings something different to the party - you only have to listen to the two very different versions of 'Memories of a Scientist' by Saarid and Matthew David that are placed together here to see what diverse sounds you can end up with when you start with the same track.

If I have any complaint at all with this it's that only 5 of the tracks have been remixed - I'd like to hear remixes of everything. If there were 8 or 10 different tracks on here it could almost be approaching the first (and seminal) remix album 'Love and Dancing' by The Human League - in fact with a bit of tweaking the Thomas Barfod remix of 'Carfire of the Highway' could even fit on that record.

You can hear some of the tracks from the album below, and even download the Peaking Lights remix for free.

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