Monday, 22 April 2013

Recommended music: 'Circles Remixed' by Moon Duo

From the moment that the needle touches the vinyl and an eerie space noise starts to emerge, you know that this is going to be a good record. Pressed especially for Record Store Day 2013 by Souterrain Transmissions and limited to 1,000 copies, the album features eight of the original nine tracks from 'Circles', each remixed by a different artist. And despite the fact that the mixes have been done in isolation and are pretty diverse in styles the album really works as one piece and gives a totally different perspective. Side 2 has definitely got the more experimental mixes on it  (from Sun Araw and Eric Copeland (Black Dice)) but there's nothing too 'challenging' on here.

If you can still find one in your local record emporium then snap it up quickly. It's definitely one of the best things I bought on Saturday (click here for my report on the day and full list of purchases) so grab it while you can. Here's the full tracklisting, after which you can download (for free!) possibly the best track on the album, the White Rainbow mix of 'Trails'.

  1. Free Action - Tom Furse (of The Horrors) mix
  2. Trails - White Rainbow Trail Blazer edition
  3. Sleepwalker - Zombie Zombie mix
  4. I Been Gone - Life Coach mix
  5. I Can See - K-X-P live mix
  6. Ville Cranian (Circles) - Sun Araw mix
  7. Sparks - Eric Copeland mix
  8. Rolling Out - Umberto mix

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