Saturday, 10 September 2011

Recommended music: 'Scintilli' by Plaid

The first full length album from Plaid since 2003's 'Spokes' is now available on download, and will be released on physical formats on 26th September on Warp. First off, a word about the packaging. The cd is initially available in a 'Muda na Mono' puzzle pack (pictured above) and apparently 'reflects a desire to give the CD an ornamental function beyond its one use as a storage device for music'. The name comes from a Japanese phrase for 'pointless object', and while ultimately this may be a triumph of design over usefulness it's nice to see something a bit different being done to attract buyers to physical formats.

On to the music then, and 8 years is a long time between records in any genre, but particularly in the electronic field, where the equipment itself is constantly evolving as well as the musical styles. Fortunately this record manages to retain the Plaid sound while also keeping up with the times, creating something that sounds current but will also give you hints of nostalgia as you listen to it.

There's quite an array of styles on display here, from the gentle opening of 'Missing' to the dark throb of 'Eye Robot' that follows it, through the glitchy sounds of 'Thank' to the soothing tones of 'Craft Nine'.  Also, I defy you not to think of the Doctor Who theme tune when 'Unbank' starts (and most of the way through it, to be honest) - play it next to Erasure's new cover of the Tomorrow's World theme tune and you'll have a ready-made retro party. Proving themselves well able to keep up with the new breed, Plaid have constructed a thoroughly satisfying set of electronica to fuel your head and your feet.

You can get a download of the album's lead track 'Missing' by signing up to the link below.

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