Friday, 23 September 2011

Recommended music: 'Amnesty EP' by Ital Tek

This EP was released yesterday to raise funds for Amnesty International, as a direct response to the execution of Troy Davis by the US Government.

It opens with 'Zlap', and a pounding, thudding bassline with some extremely crunchy noises over the top. Powerful and intimidating, it kick-starts the EP like a zlap round the face. It's followed immediately by 'Phantom', which keeps up the pace and the level of bass.

The more melodic 'Forever' comes next, with an uplifting feel and a lighter vibe. Finally 'Prophet' picks up the rhythm. There's almost a dancehall feel to this one, it's a track that would sound great blasting out of a soundsystem.

Good beats for a good cause - what more do you need? You can listen to the EP and download it below.

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