Friday, 30 September 2011

Recommended music: 'Rock Creek Park' by Oddisee

An (almost) instrumental hip-hop album that's perfect to listen to in the late summer sunshine that's currently bathing the UK. I think the reason it goes so well with the sunlight outside is that the album is essentially a hymn to Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. Oddisee says 'Rock Creek Park is, and always has been, one of my favourite places in Washington. (I was) inspired to create an album around the park and my relationship with it. my interpretation of Rock Creek Park through break beats, samples and live instrumentation'.

So apart from the first track, and the last 2 bonus ones, this is a groove based instrumental journey through the park. Part acid jazz, part soul, part funk, but always with a hip-hop mentality and a great vibe. In a way I think the vocal tracks spoil it as the atmosphere created by the instrumentals is so spot-on the lyrics are a bit distracting. Stick this on at your hastily-arranged BBQ this weekend and I guarantee everyone will approve of the chilled vibe it creates.

You can stream the album and buy it below.

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