Saturday, 17 September 2011

Recommended music: 'Peep EP' by Pinkunoizu

Released last week on the small, but perfectly formed, Full Time Hobby label, this stunning 3 track EP comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, but sounds like it's stopped off at a fair few places on the way. Describing themselves as 'a group playing lo-fi, high-life, nu-folklore, Asian 60's pop and future post-apocalyptic underwater rock', the band manages to sound both contemporary but classic, and would be as much at home in LA as in another galaxy.

The 22 and a half minutes of music that you get for your money here spans continents and decades, particularly the epic 'Dairy Queen' which starts off like Pink Floyd and ends up like a Japanese Geisha riffing on a cello while her clients sing for her. Elsewhere 'Everything Is Broken Or Stolen' has a hypnotic groove occasionally disturbed by someone retuning the radio, while 'Time Is Like A Melody' is built around a shimmering guitar riff, over which gentle vocals compete with a dirty, fuzzed-up guitar part.

Highly original, thought provoking and stimulating, and surely worth a couple of quid of anyone's money. You can listen to all three tracks below, and download 'Time Is Like A Melody' for free.

Pinkunoizu by fulltimehobby

Dairy Queen by fulltimehobby

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