Friday, 25 October 2013

New podcast - Austerity Audio vol. 11

It's a bit overdue, but here's the latest instalment of my Austerity Audio podcast series.

To make up for the delay I've thrown in a couple of extra tracks, so this week you get 12 slices of gres new music, each one legally extracted for free from the internet over the past few weeks. Ti listen just click on the image above, or right click to download to your home gramophone. In return for this lovely free music all I ask is that if you like any of the artists you spend some of your next spare cash on a track or two of theirs. Here's the tracklisting:

  1. Daedelus - Tiptoes (Perksun Remix)
  2. Gold Panda - Brazil (Slow Magic Remix)
  3. Rani Dar - Dry Chords
  4. Blaenavon - Wunderkind (Antlers Remix)
  5. Nils Frahm - For (Max Cooper Remix)
  6. The Crystal Ark - Rain (XXXTended version)
  7. Gang Colours - Why Didn't You Call (Dave Aju Remix)
  8. The Runner - Inside Stanley's Brain
  9. Rival Consoles - Voyager
  10. Samantha Crain - Paint
  11. Kane Strang - Winded
  12. Bitches - Not Old

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