Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Track of the Day: 'Hold On (SiSi BakBak Rmx) by SBTRKT

There's a lot of gossip and rumour about who the mysterious SiSi BakBak, maker of this brilliant remix, is. Those in the know claim that it's definitely Thom Yorke, and there are certainly plenty of clues pointing in that direction. For a start it sound like it good be a remix from Yorke's solo album, there are snatches of vocals that sound like the man himself, and then there's the use of the abbreviated 'RMX' - this was how all the recent Radiohead remixes were labelled. Ultimately though, it doesn't matter whether Thom's behind this or not - all that counts is that this is an absolutely immense remix which you need to own.

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