Friday, 3 February 2012

Recommended music: 'MU.ZZ.LE.' by Gonjasufi

Described as a 'mini-album' by label Warp (although there are 10 tracks it's only 25 minutes long), this record is a collision of hip-hop, trip-hop and psychedelic influences. The tracks collide into one another like a militant mixtape, while beats and samples underpin alternately sung and spoken vocals. For me the standout is 'Nikels and Dimes', but even that track is difficult to extract from the music that surrounds it.

This is an album that works really well as a whole piece, drawing you in to its dark, trippy world, as the distorted vocals creep into your ears and your soul. there are snatches of soundtracks, echoes of effects, gentle moments mixed with full-on screaming sessions.

In places it reminds me of Tricky at his most impenetrable - there's a denseness, a heaviness to some of the songs that smothers you. it's an intriguing records that makes you long to hear more of some of the shorter tracks - here's hoping we get a follow-up later in the year.

Get a free download of 'Nikels and Dimes' for the price of your email address below.

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