Tuesday, 15 February 2011

10 more acts to see at SXSW

Thanks for the great response to my blog about the 10 UK acts to see at SXSW. I realise it was a bit parochial of me to just pick acts from the UK, and there are obviously loads of acts from other parts of the world that are just as good, so here's the 10 non-UK acts that I'll definitely be checking out.

Gayngs - creators of another of my favourite albums of 2010, the magnificent 'Relayted' (review here http://tinyurl.com/367x8wg). A concept album based on main man Ryan Olson's love of 10cc's 'I'm Not In Love', with all the tracks at 69BPM, and a fantastic cover of Godley & Creme's 'Cry' thrown in for good measure - how could you not love this?

Shit Horse -  with their debut EP, the brilliantly titled 'They Shit Horses, Don't They?' (review here http://tinyurl.com/38lpscg) selling out of it's first run of cassettes, this is a not to be missed moment. Their live shows are apparently full of chaos and brilliance in equal measure.

Buck 65 - Canadian hip-hopper Buck 65 has been making quality music for 20-odd years, and has just released a new album which is full his trademark rhymes. Can't work out where he got the album title from though - it's called '20 Odd Years'...

John Grant with Midlake - Grant released one of the albums of 2010, recorded with Midlake's encouragement, at their studio, with them as his backing band. This is a rare chance to see them play the album together in the beautiful surroundings of the Central Presbyterian Church.

Twin Shadow - Twin Shadow's debut album 'Forget' manages to combine the best of the 80s sound with the best of today's lo-fi aesthetics and produce something that works equally well in the dark alone or in a crowded room. You can download a free track here

The Antlers - their album 'Hospice' was for personal reasons a difficult listen for me when it was released. Time moves on and I've grown to appreciate the quality of the songs and I'm looking forward to seeing them played live. You can download a free EP by The Antlers here

The Megaphonic Thrift - Hailing from Bergen, Norway, this raucous 4-piece match frazzled guitars and experimental sounds with more melodic moments to create a juggernaut of music. With their debut album out on February 21st this is definitely a band to watch.

FM Belfast - Not, as you might expect, from Belfast, this Icelandic act steer clear of the Sigur Ros / Olafur Arnalds sound for something more electronic and experimental. Apparently live they can vary from 3 to 8 people on stage, depending who can make it!

Har Mar Superstar - everyone knows that Har Mar knows how to throw a party, so you shouldn't miss this chance to see him strip down to his underwear and show us how it's done.

Cold War Kids - I've liked these since their first album but never had the chance to see them live. Will be great to see if they can put some of the rough edges back onto the songs from their over-produced current album (review here http://tinyurl.com/6zkl546)

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  1. Having just seen the Antlers in Sydney last week, I can thoroughly second your inclusion on this list... great live performances - at a point on the scale somewhere between album-faithful and unrecognisable that provides just the right balance of familiarity and surprise. Enjoy.