Sunday, 13 February 2011

Recommended music: 'oOoOO EP' by oOoOO

This EP was released in October last year on Tri Angle Records, although I've only just discovered it through it being on the same label as Balam Acab (the subject of one of my previous blogs). Another act to be tagged with the 'witch house' label, Christopher Dexter Greenspan manages to defy any genre limitations with this EP. There are the usual crunching drums and dark synths, and there is a spooky, melancholic and stoned feel to the tracks. But more than that, there are clear hooks and melodies buried under the vocal snatches and analogue samples. 'Hearts' is probably the most commercial track, and is a rhythmn that you could imagine Kanye West appropriating and sticking a decent rap over. You can listen to the title track here:

oOoOO - mumbai by oOoOO

1. Mumbai
2. Burnout Eyess
3. Sedsumting
4. Hearts
5. Plains Is Hot
6. Burnout Eyess (Visions of Trees Remix)

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