Monday, 7 February 2011

Recommended Music: 'See Birds' by Balam Acab

Finally released on cd this week, this EP originally came out via download in August last year. 19 year old Alec Koone from Pennsylvania is the man/boy behind this release on the Tri Angle label, who have also released tracks by oOoOO and are often referred to as purveyors of 'Drag' or 'Witch House', nonsense labels for an uncategorizable scene.

Full of hypnotic beats and dark bass lines, there are also weird, organic samples (like Gold Panda) and ethereal vocals that seem to have been variously slowed down, speeded up and generally fucked about with. Everything hangs together with an innate sense of melody and each track ends too soon, leaving you wanting more - I guarantee you'll press play again the moment it finishes.

1. See Birds (Moon)
2. Regret Making Mistakes
3. Big Boy
4. Dream Out
5. See Birds (Sun)

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