Tuesday, 24 December 2013

New band of the day: Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Despite what their name might suggest, this is a young band from Brisbane, Australia. Mostly the work of the 17-year old Tim Bettinson, so far they've released just two hauntingly beautiful tracks, but that's enough to make me think that they've got a bright future ahead of them. The first track, 'Vapour', came out at the end of July, and shows that it's possible to make gorgeous music even if you've only got a crappy laptop, a couple of battered microphones and a free trial version of Pro-Tools to work with.

The second, 'Collapse', emerged at the start of the year, and develops their sound to become even more intense and touching. I know what you're thinking and yes, he does sound quite a lot like Justin Vernon, but that doesn't stop these being brilliant tracks.

I'll be watching these guys carefully in 2014 as I think, and hope, that they'll be releasing some more stunning music.

PS Thanks to Ben Watt for introducing me to this band via his last 6mix broadcast on BBC 6music.

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