Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Recommended music: 'Golden Grrrls' by Golden Grrrls'

From the always-excellent Nightschool Records comes this instant classic, full of guitar-pop loveliness. Imagine a mix of 80s Australian indie-pop and Glasgow's Postcard-era bands and you'll be some way to imaging how this sounds. Add in the fact that all three band members sing, often at the same time (some times harmonies, sometimes completely different words and tunes) and a perfect match of boy/girl winsomeness and you'll know that you're gonna love it.

Other salient facts? Of the 11 tracks here, only one of them is over 3 minutes long (and that's only by 8 seconds) and every single track has got a proper ending. There are no fade-outs here - every note knows its place perfectly and never outstays its welcome. Also, there's a song called 'Paul Simon' (for no apparent reason) and another called 'Wrld Peace' in which the missing 'o' from the title says more than a thousand words could. If you yearn for the days of perfect indie pop songs then this is definitely the album for you.

To top things off, if you buy the vinyl (which I did, and you should) you get a proper old-fashioned and well thought out package - clear vinyl, great sleeve, download card and free mix cd put together by the band. Michael Kasparis clearly puts a lot of love into his label and he deserves your custom, so click here to buy the record.

You can listen to some tracks from the album below.

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