Monday, 18 March 2013

New band of the day: Young Fathers

OK, so here's proof that you can discover great new music at SXSW without even going there. As usual Matthew from Song, by Toad has posted his annual SXSW podcast (you can listen to it by clicking here) and Young Fathers were the act that stood out for me from the ones I hadn't heard of.

I'm not sure why quality hip-hop from Scotland should be such a hard concept to grasp, but once you've heard Young Fathers you'll realise that anything can be achieved anywhere - even if they were the only good hip-hop act north of the border (which I'm sure they're not). Theirs is a pretty eclectic sort of hip-hop, taking in diverse styles and musical genres for backing tracks and samples - between the three of them they have Libyan and Nigerian as well as Scottish heritage so you can see why they paint with such a broad palette.

They've signed to the hip Anticon label and put out their first release, Tape One, earlier this year - you can listen to the whole thing on their Soundcloud page by clicking here. Listen out for the bit 39 seconds into the second track 'Sister' where 'not now' creeps out in a broad Scottish accent.

This week the band have also put out a new track called the guide - you can watch the video for the below and click here to download it for free.

Young Fathers - "The Guide" from anticon. on Vimeo.

There's no news on dates in the UK at the moment but by all accounts they were awesome in Austin so if you see that they're playing near you make sure you go and see them.

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