Friday, 15 March 2013

Choice Cuts #8 2013

As promised, here's the second podcast for this week, and it's a very different set of tracks to the one from a few days ago. This one is dark, moody, atmospheric and powerful, mostly instrumental and quite intense. It's probably not the thing to listen to if you want help getting out of bed in the morning, but if you fancy a bit of isolated headphone time then you should definitely give it a listen. Just click on the play button above to listen, here are the track details:

  1. Peals - Blue Elvis - free download here
  2. Pinkunoizu - Tin Can Valley - free download here
  3. Jokes - How I Won My Stripes - from the new EP on Fence Records
  4. Jack Hayter - Scotty Road Holes In Walls - from the Sisters of St. Anthony series
  5. Torus - 2mrrw - free download here
  6. Fiocz - Monoid - from the forthcoming album 'Social Cognition' on Glass Reservoir Records
  7. Stygian Stride - Drift - free download here
  8. Benjamin Shaw - Mandible Candle - from 'Summer In The Boxroom' - details here
  9. Mogwai - Hungry Face - from the 'Les Revenants' soundtrack
  10. Ensemble Economique - The Vastness Is Bearable Only Through Love - from the new EP of the same name

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