Friday, 10 June 2011

Recommended music: 'The Quixotic' by Tommy Tempa

Released a couple of weeks ago on the Somethinksounds label, this 4 track (if you buy the vinyl) or 7 track (download) EP has captured my ears and been on almost permanent repeat this week.

Covering a whole range of dance-music bases, the EP opens with the jazz-influenced 'Fragments', before moving into breakbeat territory with 'Rejoice Rejoice'.

'Micro Ballistics' has a weird, almost ambient feel, and is followed by the EP's centrepiece 'Light Medium'. Slowly building layer upon layer of sound, it starts to reminds me a bit of Ensemble Economique, before the vocals kick in and take it up another notch.

'Now or Never' is a funk-fuelled samba designed to make your hips shimmy, unlike 'Warm Glow of the City' which is like Tokyo at nightfall. Closer 'Roma' features sampled & looped vocals over melodic & slightly distorted keyboards, and is a fittingly idiosyncratic way to close the record.

You can listen to the whole EP below, and buy it from Bandcamp, iTunes or the other usual suspects.

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