Sunday, 12 June 2011

Recommended music: 'Day of Anger' by Mondkopf

After yesterday's French recommendation here's another release from one of our Gallic cousins, and it's a belter. At the moment this is probably my favourite release of the year so far, I've played it incessantly since it arrived in the post yesterday and I'm completely and utterly obsessed with it.

Mondkopf is a 23-year old Parisian who is starting to pick up a lot of attention across the internet. His mix of 'God's Gonna Cut You Down' by Johnny Cash picked up a huge underground buzz (download it here) and this new release looks set to increase his stock further.

The title track 'Day of Anger' is, frankly, fucking awesome, there's no other way to describe how I feel about it. Starting off with a gentle, haunting piano, it is soon overtaken by a pounding, crunchy bassline, arpeggio'd synths and a feeling that a riot has just kicked off inside your music player. Then, as suddenly as they arrived, the crunchy beats disappear and the piano returns at the end, the calm after the storm.

'Eastern Revolt' is next, 3 and a half minutes of squelchyness, like The Chemical Brothers if they'd grown up on a troubled French housing estate. 'New-york' provides a brief respite, before 'Euphoria' manages to be both menacing and uplifting at the same time to close the EP. Gone in 13 minutes, I suggest you put it on repeat and just let it play again and again and again for ever...

The cd comes packaged with a 16 page handmade fanzine from the universe of 'Rising Doom', the title of Mondkopf's soon to be released album. If you want to hear it you'll have to make a bit of an effort, apart from the title track (which is available on iTunes) the rest are only available on a black CD-R that comes with the numbered fanzine and is limited to 1,000 copies. You can order it from Rough Trade Records here.

Watch the video for 'Day of Anger' below:

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