Monday, 30 May 2011

Recommended music: 'Route One Or Die' by Three Trapped Tigers

So here it is, the first full length album from Three Trapped Tigers, released on the Blood and Biscuits label. If you've got any of the band's 3 previous EPs you might be wondering what's changed. Well, the tracks all now have names instead of numbers, but given that some of the titles seem to contain made-up words ('Cramm', 'Zil' and 'Ulnastricter') I'm not sure it makes much difference. Apart from the naming convention this is very much an evolution of their sound, rather than a revolution.

Noticeably devoid of any vocals, the album still manages to hold your attention through its 43 or so minutes as the music ebbs and flows on its journey. Recorded mainly 'live' by the three piece, this is the sound of a band completely in tune with one another, writing and playing complex tunes with innate skill. Managing to be both articulately clinical and touchingly emotional, the music is never less than intriguing, sometimes verging on the symphonic. For the best comparison of the album's extremes contrast the intensiveness of 'Noise Trade' with the calmess of the piano-led 'Zil'.

I'm not sure what we're calling this genre of music...hardcore electronica? Logarithmic Mathrock? Maybe we should name it 'Noise Trade' after the second track on the album? Who knows and frankly who cares? Labels are for supermarket shelves, whereas this music belongs more in an art gallery than a hypermarket.

You can listen to the opening track 'Cramm' below.
Cramm by Three Trapped Tigers

Three Trapped Tigers on stage at the Brick Lane Takeover, June 2010

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