Friday, 6 May 2011

'Kid Velo' by Rival Consoles - a 21st Century Charles Dickens?

Back in the mists of time, when England was poor and dark and people used to drink all the time (sound familiar?) young Charlie Dickens used to write books. And because people didn't have time to read whole books (the rich were too busy feasting and fornicating, and the poor were too busy begging and buggering) he used to publish them chapter by chapter, little bite-sized morsels for people to enjoy, safe in the knowledge that as soon as you finished one another one would come along.

Fast forward 150 years or so, and England is poor and dark, people binge drink all the time, and young Ryan West (a.k.a Rival Consoles) makes what we used to call 'records'. And because people's attention spans have shrunk to the size of goldfish, and no-one can communicate is sentences more than 140 characters long (including hashtags) Ryan and his 'record' company Erased Tapes have come up with the marketing wheeze of releasing his album song by song, little ear-nuggets for people to enjoy, safe in the knowledge that there'll be another one along every Monday for 11 weeks. Each track is being streamed by a different online location, linked to a different online store, before the official album release on June 27th.

As a public service to you all, I've decided to batch the tracks up for your listening pleasure - it'll be like having a new EP every month. The first four tracks - Kid Velo, Into The Heart 1, S.P.K.R.S and Amiga - are below - enjoy!

Rival Consoles – Kid Velo by erasedtapes

Rival Consoles – Into The Heart I by erasedtapes

Rival Consoles – S.P.K.R.S. by erasedtapes

Rival Consoles – Amiga by erasedtapes

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