Sunday, 30 January 2011

Rewind: The 10 best electronic albums of 2010

1. Gold Panda - 'Lucky Shiner'. Brilliant proof that electronic music doesn't have to be cold and clinical, this mostly instrumental album, full of lo-fi samples and crackly warmth, manages to convey an emotional story through its music and titles. And if you listen closely you can even hear a sample of Gold Panda's nan talking to him as she puts the washing out! Just this week 'Lucky Shiner' has been given the Guardian First Album award. You can read my full review here or listen to the whole thing here:

2. Darkstar - 'North'. At times bleak, but ultimately uplifting, this is an album that rewards repeated listening to become an (electronic) comfort blanket. Glitchy & crackly, this is a few steps on from the band's dubstep roots, and all the better for it. You can read my full review here

3. Caribou - 'Swim'. Who could deny the brilliance of 'Sun', especially when heard outside at a summer festival? On record mainly just the work of Dan Snaith, although live they are a 4-piece who create a brilliantly together sound.

4. Four Tet - 'There Is Love In You'. Uplifting, blissful and warm electronica, stuffed full of melodies. Four Tete was also responsible for many of the best remixes that came out in 2010.

5. UNKLE - 'Where Did The Night Fall'. Like all UNKLE albums, this grows on you over time, and the remixes that have subsequently come out have really added to the tracks, especially the mixes of 'Natural Selection' by Tom from the Horrors, and Team Ghost.

6. Mount Kimbie - 'Crooks & Lovers'. At the time this came out I described it as 'like Four Tet meeting Burial on a sunny autumn afternoon'. Sums it up pretty well I think.

7. Hot Chip - 'One Life Stand'. Possibly their most complete and accessible album, bringing together great melodies, quirky tunes, catchy lyrics, and even steel drums. Hot Chip manage to write great British pop tunes in the same way as the Pet Shop Boys, and one day they'll hopefully get the same recognition.

8. Brian Eno - 'Small Craft on a Milk Sea'. Eno's 25th solo album sees him look up with the legendary Warp records to great effect, mixing ambient sounds and gentle piano with throbbing electronica. Definitely shows the youngsters a thing or two!

9. Pantha du Prince - 'Black Noise'. Crisp German technicality meets analogue bass, marimbas and glockenspiels. Clinical but never cold, this also features a guest vocal from Animal Collective's Panda Bear.

10. Flying Lotus - 'Cosmogramma'. Probably the hardest to describe album in this list. Flying Lotus himself has called it a 'space opera' - it's dense, multi-layered, distorted, extremely bass-heavy, even occasionally jazzy. Thom Yorke makes a guest appearance on '...And The World Laughs With You'.

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