Friday, 29 August 2014

New music: 'Be My Ghost (The Green Light)' by Eloise Keating

New music can find you in the most unusual of locations; in this case I was waiting in the queue for the pancake machine at the hotel in Portsmouth where I was staying for the Victorious Festival. Striking up a conversation with the person queueing behind me I discovered that she was Eloise Keating, a singer/songwriter who was playing the festival that afternoon. Here's her track 'Be My Gost (The Green Light)' which I really like. Apparently she's moving more into a more electronic, produced sound than just a girl and a guitar, which as you can imagine is right up my street. Hopefully she'll retain her own voice rather than becoming, say, an Ellie Goulding clone - let's keep our fingers crossed for big things for her.

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