Thursday, 19 May 2016

Recommended music: 'Don't Dwell' by Star Parks

Another gem from the magical world of Paper Trail Records, this swoonsome little album features heart, soul and sunshine by the bucket load. Imagine Mercury Rev crossed with the Beach Boys, with more than a touch of Fleet Foxes, and you'll be somewhere on the way to understanding the pop hooks, harmonies and melodies that fill this record. It has a classic, timeless quality that has been given a modern skew, enabling it to sound both fresh and retro at the same time.

Hailing from Austin, Star Parks is the creation of Andy Bianculli. He recorded this gem in Tuscon with 2 additional members, Andrew Collberg and Chris Stafford, and between the three of them dreams have been realised and worlds created.

You can order the limited edition blue vinyl here or get the download from your usual choice of soulless media provider. 

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