Friday, 10 July 2015

Recommended music: 'Bones' by Son Lux

Bones cover art

The new album from Son Lux sees Ryan Lott expanding the band to a trio. Having originally added Ian Chang and Rafiq Bhatia to flesh out his live sound, he soon realised what a great combination they were and how well they worked together creatively, and hence this album is a full collaboration between the three of them.

You can feel the power of three throughout the album - Lott's voice is still the distinctive centrepiece of the tracks, but the sound is broader, more fleshed out. In places surprising (as when the melodic chorus of 'This Time' give way to crashing guitars, or in the offbeat rhythms of 'Undone', or the stroming end of 'White Lies') the record maintains the innate sense of melody and emotion that has characterised all of his releases. And talking of surprises, if you never expected them to have a video featuring a bona fide tv star, then check out the visuals for 'You Don't Know Me' below, featuring Tatiana Maslany from the excellent series Orphan Black.

This feels like the most mature Son Lux record to date, but also points the way to further development and expansion. I can imagine that once they take these new songs back out on the road they'll sound even bigger and better.

You can see Son Lux performing at the Visions Festival in London on August 8th (I'll see you there). In the meantime you can stream and buy the album below.

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