Sunday, 17 May 2015

Austerity Audio 2015.4

It's been longer than it should have been since the last Austerity Audio mixtape, so thanks for hanging on in there patiently. Here's the latest instalment, 10 diverse tracks to stimulate your ears.

As per the usual modus operandi, each of these tracks is available for free (and legal download) from within the wonders of the internet. You might have to search harder for some than others, but that's part of the fun. And if you find something you like then why not spend a few pence or cents on actually buying one of that artist's seems only fair since you've got these 10 for free. To download the mixtape just right-click on the picture above, or left-click to just kick back and listen to it. Here's the tracklisting:

  1. When Will I Stop Dreaming - Cadenza (feat. Kiko Bun & Loyle Carner)
  2. Belong To The World - Oddisee
  3. 2Shy (Warpaint Remix) - Shura
  4. Ariam (Bizzeea Remix) - Eskimo Twins
  5. Lighthouse (Daedelus Remix) - Bass Sekolah
  6. Clean (Chris Allen Remix) - The Acid
  7. God It - De La Soul feat. Nas
  8. Total Recall - Dfalt
  9. Planes (Remix) - Jeremih feat. Chance The Rapper
  10. Vernon - Show Me The Body

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