Friday, 8 August 2014

Remix of the Day: 'Wrong (East India Youth Remix) by Erland & The Carnival

The B-side (if such physical things still exist) to the new E&TC single 'Birth of a Nation', this dark and brooding mix from East India Youth takes their music in an unexpected direction. There's almost a soundtrack feel to it, as the strings and vocal refrain are gradually replaced by EIY's familiar flowing keyboards (his music always makes me think of journeys).

The single is out next week, followed by the new album on 25th August. Coincidentally I saw Erland & the Carnival last night at the tiny Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston - the stuff off the new album sounded really good, and there were a fair few oldies thrown in as well.

Erland & The Carnival, Servant Jazz Quarters London 7/8/14

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