Sunday, 16 March 2014

Recommended music: 'Alternate Worlds' EP by Son Lux

Following up last year's critically-acclaimed 'Lanterns' album comes this companion EP featuring alternate versions of some of the best tracks. More than just remixes, these are subtle reinventions of the tracks that give them new life for 2014. Most of the press is likely to focus on the new version of 'Easy' featuring Lorde, which came about after the New Zealand star covered the track live. It's more than just a new set of vocals though, with new drum patterns and a squally guitar added into the mix. I've always loved this track, and with each new version that comes out I love it even more. The rest of the tracks are equally as good though, and display an ever-growing confidence in his craft.

You can listen to the EP and purchase it below.

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