Friday, 19 July 2013

New podcast - Austerity Audio vol. 6: The Village Green edition

My latest podcast is a special themed edition - I had such a great time at the Village Green festival in Southend last weekend (pictures here) that I though I'd make one that featured acts who performed in some form or another on Saturday. The challenge was to find free tracks from the artists I saw (and a few that I didn't) and I succeeded pretty weel. So as well as the likes of Sweet Billy Pilgrim and DB Cohen you get the Rumour Cubes (who played with Sam Duckworth) and a new tracks that Sam recorded this week with Micall Parknsun.

Left click on the picture to listen to the podcast, or right click to download it. As well as the usual rules that come with this podcast (if you like one of these free tracks then spend a few pence buying something else by that artist) there's an extra call for support this week. Village Green is put on for free each year by the Metal organisation with Southend council, and they want to make sure that it continues to be free in the future. So if you're feeling generous then you can donate £3 to the festival by texting VGFR33 £3 to 70070. Here's the tracklisting:

  1. Rumour Cubes - Rain On Titan
  2. Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Joyful Reunion
  3. James Yorkston - Moving Up Country, Roaring The Gospel
  4. Parky & Recreations - Why
  5. DB Cohen - Do You Love Me Now Daddy?
  6. Youth Club - Nothing
  7. Phillious Williams - Oh My Old Love
  8. The Lucky Strikes - Gold Ring
  9. Wednesday's Child - No Doubt
  10. Stuart O'Connor - Designed To Stop

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